Our Story


Kiyoni was launched in the summer of 2012 by father/daughter duo James and Lisa McKeon. Combining James' creativity and wisdom with Lisa's youth and energy, we wanted to create accessories that are more edgy than usual with a mix of dark and light themes. The designs can look playful but have a darker element. As you open the scarf the story unfolds and more colours are revealed. Depending on which way the scarf is folded the print can be concealed or revealed to fit your outfit or mood. Vivid eye-catching colours are carefully chosen and the designs are purposefully executed so that each scarf makes it's own statement and can instantly make an outfit interesting. 

Designer James gathers his inspiration for the current collection from treasured fables, dreams of mythical lands and tales of adventure, which he feels can be so evocative and mysterious. Only a few hints are offered about the inspiration for each scarf as ultimately we want to let each person dream up their own story. We aim to create quality scarves for those who love a statement piece and appreciate quality, versatility and longevity.